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Tmr mixer cow/operation

Wondering if anyone is using a tmr mixer for cow/calf operation what there thoughts are on it.


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Used a Patz V-500 vertical mixer for 5 years on our cow calf operation. Makes beautiful feed consistanly everytime. Mixed everything from beanstraw to long wild grass hay. Our rations were cornsilage, hay , and grain/ minerals. Cows couldnt sort out any feed they didnot like . We fed our cows for less than $2 per day /head. Yes it does take a little extra time however it paid in increased herd hea...


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Doesn't grind at all like they say. If you put any grain in the ration it sticks in the corner. They are heavy as hell and just stick with a horizontal reel. You will thank me later.

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A vertical is your best bet. We have used auger and reel mixers but our vertical is hands down the best. Initial cost is higher. Don’t expect it to grind your hay however unless you have nothing but time on your hands. Always grind hay first

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We tried one last year for a month and for us we did not like the TMR Mixer. It took a long time to grind up the bales. We have close to 1,000 cows spaced out in 20 plus pastures. It was more a time management decision for us not to use one.

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We have an NDE 1652 and love it. Works well for silage bales and/or corn silage. For dry bales we add a little water to hold everything together better.


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We have not mixed dry hay with corn silage, not that you can't, we have just fed either or separately

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What is your mixture rates we plan on feeding dry hay plus corn silage