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Spring tillage chisel plowing

What is everyone's opinions on chisel plowing group d in the spring before main tillage and planting? Pros and cons? Was gonna do it last fall but had mechanical problems. Thanks


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I’ve actually been chisel plowing some land this spring. Most has has been heavenly grazed by cattle, so I’m simply doing it to break up compaction. It’ll be hit with a field cultivator/finisher in a few weeks or after it rains, then planted in early May with an 1890 air drill.

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Spring 2019 I used an M&W Earthmaster without the ripper, early when it wasn’t too wet. The disk plow left the ground in good shape. Later did the normal field cultivator just one pass before planting.

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Have to know what kind of soil your working with. Here in wc ia it's too late to run a chisel plow, you'll never get the clods broke down. If it were fit and middle of March I've had good results. If your farming lighter soils probably won't cause near as many problems.


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I am working with sandy ground... I think for this year Im just gonna run my normal tillage routine... The main thing I'm looking at chiseling for is to break up the hard pan... Which I will just have to do this fall... Thanks for the I fo

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Here, spring chisel leads to poor fields conditions as a rule. Would vt or soil finish.

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Dry Land wheat farmer here. We are still conventional tillage and use a chisel plow every spring. We set up our chisel to inject Solution 32 through the points. I can get a picture if your more interested and hope that helps you some.

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We have clean up on our farm for rocks and plan chisel or disking to loosen soil after corn. Have a new 17ft rock picker that needs soil prepped first

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