Shannon Fong
FBN Employee


Corn Planting Progress - 5/19/20 (Poll Results)

Thanks to the 3,004 members across 8.1 million acres who responded to this morning’s corn planting progress poll!

Here are the results!

We noticed that members in Western Missouri and Western Arkansas have been experiencing heavy rainfall which has delayed planting progress and has even caused the need for some replanting.

Stay tuned throughout #plant20 for planting progress poll updates!

    Corn Planting Progress - 5/19/20 (Poll Results)


Verified FBN Member (IL)

I realize that the poll numbers accurately reflect the responses but obviously those who have less planted haven’t been responding including...


Verified FBN Member (ND)

We are quitting corn planting tomorrow, tired of getting stuck. Spent the last 24 hours digging the planter out and repairing the damage. No...



Verified FBN Member (NE)

Done planting here in south central Nebraska pretty easy to do when it never rains !

Verified FBN Member (IN)

There must not be many members in my area ! Indiana 86%??? 5.8 inches of rain in 4 days🤷‍♂️

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