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Anyone know of a good harness system for climbing inside grain bins?

Looking for a good universal harness system just for peace of mind when climbing inside our grain bins. We had a neighbor get trapped last week and our state (MN) has had many bin deaths over the last few years. Anyone know of something? It seems oddly difficult to find a good answer to this question. I know a harness isn't always a life saver, but it can't hurt...


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I manage a small co-op, we got ours from Northern Tool in St Cloud. Holds up to 305 pounds,cost about $70.00. We have them in a bag with employees name on so they are ready to go in an instant.

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Grainger has several.

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So I read somewhere if you have a harness on and fall where no one can help you out, you have about 15 minutes and your a dead man anyway. Anybody know if there is any truth to that?


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Yes it is. Loss of blood flow to legs resulting in excruciating pain. Bare minimum you need the loops in the harness to allow you to stand and take the pressure off your legs.

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I use a harness that I got with a deer stand. Since all stands are sold with one now. I had some extras when we replaced some stands on the farm. I have a rope set up inside by the manhole and I just clip in. I have a stirway system in my bin which I have to service. Works well for me since I'm the only one that will go up there. My dad is 87 and my son doesn't like heights. I have another friend ...


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The harness is a great idea, you could also fasten a retractable safety line to your harness. If you are moving around in the bin and suddenly you fell in this line would immediately catch you. It acts as a seat belt on a vehicle. One quick move and it catches, you won't fall over 6 inches. It could be anchored to side at the roof access door. Available at Dakota riggers of Sioux Falls.

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I just installed a cable on the roof of one of my bins. It's anchored well at the top near the top roof hatch and clipped to the wall by the roof man hole. It's got two hooking points on it, halfway up and at the end. You can add a pulley and rope to the second eyelet if you needed that. When you climb in the manhole you can clip your body harness to it and it will let you move around the bi...


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Check with a local commercial construction company who does aerial work(ie steel building or bin construction company any one who does crane work) or sells or rents aerial lifts they are required to by OSHA to have safety harnesses with tethers, but have a discard them after a certain period of time whether used ,unused or slightly soiled.

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