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What is everyone's opinion on installing heating units on air dry bins ??

We have four 48' diameter air dry bins. Each bin is 60,000 bushels and have two 10hp. centrifigal fans on them. We are considering adding heating units to help with wetter grains/ speed up the process some what. Do we install them on both fans per bin or can we get by with one?? Will this even be cost effective or is it a waste of time??? (Approximate cost is $6000/bin) What is everyone's experiance ??? Thanks


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I believe you need 1 cfm/bu to add heat efficiently and even at half full and 2 - 10 hp fans you wouldn't have that much airflow. For an exp...


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We have 48’ diameter 50,000 bu bins. We only have single phase power, so we went with two 15 horse (max for single phase) axial fans per bi...



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The way we handle most falls is that we only fill each bin half full. That seems to allow us to get by the first half of the harvest. After ...


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I have multiple air dry bins. One of which is a 48’ Dina bin. We have a weather station, plenum sensors, dual temp moisture cables, 5 in the...


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