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2nd year planting 1st year with a sprayer. Need some tips on when I should spray weeds.

I’m still learning and I would like to know when I should spray my field. It will be light tilled so I can smooth it back out. It was full of weeds last year and I worked it up good but was wet the whole week up till planting my popcorn and weeds came back bad. I’m wanting to know tips on when I should spray before or after planting and how far ahead or after planting. Maybe even some suggestions on what to put down.


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Go to your county extension office also talk to your chemical supplier.

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Weed species make a big difference on spraying. Annuals control best with preplant application while perennial require post applications. Putting a preplant down with a high rate of glyphosate just prior to planting notill works best for me. This allows coverage of weeds before residue is moved during planting. You need to find someone local to help out. Best of luck!

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I agree with *****. I hired a local agronomist to scout my fields for weeds, pests, replants, etc. He has made me more money with the right timing than he has cost me. An agronomist can be an investment instead of just a cost. An independent agronomist also doesn't sell chemicals only recommends. If you have time, go with them to learn.

Otherwise you need to walk your fields, often, to det...


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Not really in a place to hire one. I’ve took care of peach trees and spraying them when I used to work on a peach farm. But row crop is something I’m learning as I go and all I really need here is suggestions on what I could use and when I should spray. Thanks.

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Hire an agronomist, a sprayer can make you money or cost a bundle if you miss manage your application