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HEMP FARMERS: What technique do you use to avoid Cross Pollination? <--- Nebraska's Biggest Problem!

Nebraska has TONS of original ferrel hemp (aka ditchweed) from the original hemp factories and fields near Fremont, NE. This wild hemp is everywhere and emits tons of pollen. This is also becoming a problem nationwide, but typically in those cases it is due to neighbors growing males. We have a few ideas that have been somewhat tested but not enough of a sample size to truly get an idea of if these methods will work, or what combo thereof:

Assuming no neighbors have males plants:

We would set up a 1 mile radius eradication zone where we would routinely get rid of wild hemp.

Install 6 alternating rows of tall genetic corn to break the wind and absorb the pollen.

Grow to full vegetive growth indoors/greenhouse and plant upon first sign of frostless weather.

Creative yet expensive pollen netting

Pollen retardant sprays (we have never tested this method)

....... Any ideas you may have will be added to our test fields, and we will gladly share the results with you.

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