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Has anyone had a drone to check cattle in a pasture?

Was wondering what the cattle’s response was the first few times of using it?

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I have a dorne and have flown over cattle and *****. I recommend flying high for a bit. I know horses are not the biggest fan of the sound. (Sounds like a swarm of bees)

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I chatted with a producer a while back and he said his Cows aren’t very fond of them.

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We have used on to muster cattle here, so yeah they really aren't that fond of them

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Thanks for your response.

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I’ve had a drone for about 4 years now. The newest one I have had a camera that is legitimately good enough to check cattle pretty well. I’ve used it to look for cattle across a creek, film cattle drives, etc. believe it or not, film a cattle drive/catch and reviewing the footage is a great teaching aid for new hands, kinda like watching film from lasts weeks football game with the coach. I’ve even had success moving cattle from pasture to pasture when conditions are muddy, didn’t even get mud on my tires!

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Which model drone do you use?

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I currently have a DJI Mavic Pro

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