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Anyone else?

Burning up bad today in northeast Indiana!

Really bad today!


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Better that way then dry you still have a better chance and I'll take that position versus whole fields fried. Hope you have a good year.


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I hate to rain on your parade but just finishing planting beans for a neighbor and had to go around and leave several areas in the field that are to wet.

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We went from cool and wet, 8 to 10" of rain 1st part of June to 95 - 100゚ with 30 mile winds. Corn had very poor root system and is not able to stand this kind of heat.

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Really dry in western Nebraska. I have yet to get 1” of rain. Continuous wheat is only 12 inches tall and may not have any seed in it.

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Pathetic… wish it changes!

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Quite a bit replanting of soybeans happening north. I'm gonna give it 3 more days and see how many make it without breaking necks. No rain forecasted for 12 days and 90 plus heat here also.

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No rain in the forecast and 90+ degrees for the coming week here. Southern IN