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How many BPA loss or gain have you experienced with Dicamba drift?

I had 130 A Liberty Beans, across the fence to the east my neighbor had about 260 A Beans. He applied Dicamba. Damaged my entire field. About the 1st 500 feet lost the top 7 leaves. The whole field sat for about 30 days and then started growing new leaves out the top. The flowers and pods that were there stayed but the new growth did not produce new pods. He got a total of 4 neighbors from different fields, His insurance man called me and said he did not have coverage for that damage. What have you experienced and how did you handle it? Thank you for your help. .. *****


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We had drift on us a few years back. It went over 300 acres and traveled 1.5 miles. Beans on the ends rows nearest the application made 7 ...


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The first year of widespread Xtend beans, I used a labeled dicamba product. One of the neighbors also did the same (Xtend beans) and had a ...


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