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Autoboom height on floater spraye truck?

Purchasing a used floater style truck and setting it up with auto steer section control ect. However can you put autoboom height sensors on it? My deere guys dont think I can simply because the center frame is fixed in height and cant roll **** the terrain. Has someone got a system just to work on the outside tips of the boom or is it something I just got to do manually going up and down hills?


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I have a Norac auto height on an Apache.

Works great. Hardly any problems and they have all been simply remedied.

Highly recommend.

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Problem is that a floater sprayer or boom system like I got is only a 2 sensor system as the center is fixed. Deere doesn't have anything that will work because of the center being fixed

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I don’t understand y you couldn’t I had a sensor go bad before on a wing and swapped it with center one and still worked for the time being till I was able to switch it out .