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Why didn't not fill to the end

We has big fat ears, 22 rows of kernels and 1 to 2 inches of cob. What were we lacking. Had 50" of rain.

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May have run out of nutrition at the end due to leaching from too much water

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KSU lists the possible causes for dieback as

"Tip dieback symptoms becomes evident after pollination and are

related to a failure in kernel set at the tip of the ear. The

physiological explanation for these types of ears is related to

poor pollination of fertile ovules, non-fertilized ovules where

pollen is shed when silks were not yet extruded from the husks,

and kernel abortion in the weeks after pollination until milk

stage, R3. Any biotic (corn rootworm, Japanese beetles, foliar

diseases, among several other factors) or abiotic (heat or drought

stresses and nutrient deficiencies specifically with nitrogen)

stress can promote asynchrony between tasseling and flowering,

which prevents undeveloped or late-developed ovules and silks

from being pollinated. In addition, conditions before flowering

can affect the kernels at the tip of the ear. These kernels are the

most sensitive to stress conditions." From Page 12 of

How was your growing conditions just prior to and during pollination?

You can also call our FBN Agronomy Team to talk about what may have happened in your specific situation. The number is ************.

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Too much population maybe? Was it good yield? Sometimes when we get some tip back in areas it’s cuz there’s too much pop. Still good yield just not enough nut. To fill to tip.

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