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What notill drill would be a good choice?

I am kicking around the idea of changing notill drills. We have a John Deere 1590 20 foot. I want to go to 30 foot but don't really want to go to an air seeder.

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I have a 4740 Crustbuster all plant 10” spacing and plant in standing corn stalks all the time. Love the drill. Just my thoughts.

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How does it do in hard ground? How do the disks hold up? Does it disturb the ground very much? I really like how the the Deere leaves everything still standing in wheat stubble.

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It’s fine in hard ground but one thing I don’t love is you have to adjust down pressure on every row. From 90-450 lbs if memory serves me correctly. As far as disturbing the ground you will only leave tire tracks. I drill in corn stalks and put 3 rows of wheat between 2 rows of corn. It’s like I was never there. And flows trash really well with one notched disc and one smooth disc.

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Awesome. I will need to look into one. Hopefully there is one close by. Thanks.

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I also hear awesome things about Crustbusters in No-till conditions.

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Made in Dodge City KS there are some on TractorHouse right now I looked on there Friday.

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I wish Deere made a 30' folding drill version of the 750-1590 style. I like the single disk openers, but am not sold on an air seeder for mixes yet..

We've been using a 20' 750 for some no-till stuff and I dream of a 30' so we can keep on the same tram lines as the planter.

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I really like the **** Deere on how it works. It can be difficult to get around since the row units aren't high enough when out of the ground. I feel the row units are kind of high maintenance. I want something simpler bit does as good of job. Probably dreaming.

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I had a wheat scout say that a John Deere drill does the best job - 750, 1590, or 1990 CCS

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Got a sunflower 9421 25 ft drill had it for ten years very simple and low maintenance will drill threw hard ground sometimes has issues drilling threw real thick straw but haven’t seen many drills that don’t have issues

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Had a Krause air drill . very good placement. But hard to get parts . Seed size didn't matter. Have a 40 ft jd air seeder now. Can plug with some seed treatments

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I use a houch hutch and pull 2 15 foot jd drills, probably a little old fashion but easy to get down the road, takes a few extra minutes to unfold, which can seem like hours when doing it, but I’m then taking 30 feet and not worried about getting hit on the road or dropping something in a ditch! Just my thoughts!

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Don’t overlook the Great Plains drills with the colter in front of the double disc opener. Works well in heavy trash, but also can plant tilled surface with ease. Truthfully I think most brands of no till drills will work fine. I’d probably check with your local dealers as to what service parts are available. I have had Deere, Great Plains, Crustbuster. All worked well, my preference was the Great Plains as it penetrates hard ground the best with the coulter in front. Id say it definitely disturbed the soil more than the Deere and Crustbuster. Great Plains also does the best with seed treatments compared to the other two brads I’ve had. I did have issues with the Crustbuster wobble slot gumming up and shearing pins.

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I have a Krause 5200 NT, which is now Kuhn. It is 20ft 7.5” space no till drill. I get parts at **** Deere. Does fine in hard ground. Is a simple drill and I like it. Don’t know if they make a 30’, they may. I would say it does disturb the ground more that a Deere.

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I have a 750 and 1590 that I pull together, the 1590 has all the redesigned elements of the 750, bearings etc. I can buy all the high wear parts through agr express or any after market supplier and shipped to my barn door. Here’s why I like these drills, they do an awesome job of seed placement, I think it would plant into asphalt! At 7.5 inch spacing I feel like I get almost a tillage pass when planting. I plant directly into cornstalks and when harvesting no problems. I don’t have to deal with a tangle of wires and hoses and pressure this and vacuum that worries. Plus I don’t need to buy a 150k tractor to run all the fans! I am trying to make money, not recreational farming. Down side is seeding, I bought a monitor to watch each section, that helps. Sorry for too much information! Ps always put on the extended wear boots!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

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Very pleased with our JD 1990 CCS. Works well with mixes.

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I use a Great Plains 3S 4000 6375-03 that is a 3 section front fold 40 foot 63 rows on 7.5" spacing with hydraulic down pressure. The double discs are slightly off set one in front of the other. It cuts cornstalks easily. It dose a great job on all soils. Down side, on short corners the inside drive wheel will stop and it quits planting until you straighten out. Now I know that so I just replant the corners.

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I’m using a Great Plains drill but like the job the Horsch drill is doing for an air drill. It has paired rows and pretty versatile can run as total notill or see guys doing some light tillage ahead of it Would like to try one

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I think to really reccomend a air seeder we need more info.

What your ground like? Is it rocky or pretty tame? Hilly or flat?

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