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Does anyone utilize strip-tilling for their row crops in ND/central/northern MN?

I farm 750 acres of corn/soybeans/wheat in Northern MN and am wanting to learn more about the pros and cons of strip-tilling from folks who are currently doing it.

What ROI have they projected, and are they seeing the results?

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Have been strip tilling for over 10 years. No plans to go away from it. Feel like it’s better then no till and conventional tillage in the north.

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*****, thanks for replying. Do you have an ROI on strip-tilling that you set out to accomplish, and have been able to see it pay for itself?

I also think it makes the most sense in our climate vs no-till.

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Row on row, corn on corn can be done with Aguru Machinery strip-till units. Pros: Often improves yields in corn and soybeans by recycling residue, placing fertilizer/humates and aeration/water infiltration in root zone, and break up compaction compared to broadcast on no-till and full tillage. Cons: expect potential run-off/ erosion more than no-till (less than full till), might not even the field as well as full tillage or manage rocky soils well.

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The only time I notill is when I get off my strips by accident. Been striptill since 2007. I have a wako 24 row 30" rig

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****, thanks for the information. What ROI are you seeing from incorporating this practice into your operation?

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10-75 bu per acre in corn

Cost is $30-40 in parts and rock recovery

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