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J&M Storm Tracker 3

Looking at a J&M 1312 with the storm tracker 3 tracks. Just curious who has had experience with them and whats the pros and cons of those tracks..Maintenance an stuff like that. Thanks

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So I have a 2016 J&M 1050 on Storm Tracker LT tracks. (110” long vs 140” and 2 boggies vs 4 boggie wheels ). Mine has an air bag for tension which is simple but does loose air over time. I’d prefer a spring now. Mine has oil bath hubs which is a must. Otherwise I’d have 16 grease zeros twice a day. Mine pulls considerably harder than a couple different brands that I’ve tried. Not sure if it’s in the track or due to differences in toung weight or weight distribution but it’s a huge difference. Full disclosure, because of this we demoed a Kinze and will be going with them.

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Appreciate the response! The cart we are looking at is a brand new hold over 2019 1312. Has the storm tracker 3 tracks on it. 146x36 with grease. its about 30k less than others we've looked at, so tough to walk away from a deal like that

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Deals like that are hard to pass up especially in this world today. Best of luck.

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We have had J&M 1151 with tracks since 2009. J&M builds a very good cart. Tracks are well worth it.

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