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First time growing corn, curious of what I should put down for fertilizer.

This will be my first year growing corn. I am in the far north part of north dakota where a fantastic crop is 150 bushels. I am wondering what a good place to start for fertilizer would be. Its on last years soybean ground so i am counting on a couple pounds of nitrogen from them, but as far as 11-52 use and urea use or even other dry fertilizer types i am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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My response is too late for this growing season, but you really need a good set of soil samples to know what is in your ground and what the ...


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Not sure if it would help being I'm in Arkansas. First year planting corn 2019. Shallow soil here no black dirt. Topsoil is usually couple...


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The previous posts are good advice. Not sure where exactly you are, but Centrol crop consulting service is probably close by you and has al...


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Kind of a loaded question really , but the answer above is good advice. Anhydrous will generally be the cheapest N option, but depending on...



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You need find a good agronomy guy. Not a coop guy but a private guy that doesn’t sell nutrients. Soil sample then get recommendations. I...



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