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NONGMO vs. Extend and or Enlist 3 Soybeans?

To anyone who has had experience planting NGMO, Extend and Enlist 3 soybeans. Have you done yield comparisons and what is your opinion on yield between the three? I'm considering expanding my NGMO Soybean acres in 2020 and would like information form people that have done real yield comparisons and not just opinions. Thanks

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I planted non gmo beans in ‘19 along with a few liberty beans. Non gmo’s didn’t seem to be as stress tolerant. Trying a couple hundred acres again this year of non gmo and the rest enlist.

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I'm an independent seed producer of both seed soybeans and seed corn. I have grown Enlist for 3 years and Xtend for 5 years (through seed stewardship programs before they were approved for mass production as i was part of the stewardship program to increase the lines for retail sales the next year) it REALLY MATTERS where you get your non GMO beans from, there are some cutting edge companies I'm working with that are using CRISPR to isolate the yield gene (among other genes like protein content and overall nutrient density and flavor) I have been growing these specialty non GMO soybeans for seed, feed and food for a few years and they have proven that they can out yield all other beans! Some of my highest yields in 2019 were NON GMO soybeans. These are not technically considered GMO soybeans. I've grown Conventional (Non GMO) Roundup, Xtend, Enlist and Liberty link, GT27 and Ballance GTsoybeans, and many others. Enlist is by far the best weed control and Enlist does NOT DRIFT because of the heaver choline salt mixed in the Enlist. Xtend is ok, it works when applied properly but it takes longer to kill the weeds and Extend drifts badly because it uses a lighter moline salt that will allow the Dicamba to move a half mile or more in the right conditions so you have to watch your spray drift to keep your neighbors happy. The premium for actual Identity Preserved NON GMO soybeans is huge (im talking 99.7% pure of NO GMO, These pure non GMO soybeans are commanding a large premium for seed, feed and food markets. If your looking to save $$ on price of seed i would not suggest just buying non GMO soybean seed from your usual seed dealers, as the large seed companies have not been putting their research efforts in the genetics of NON GMO soybeans because they are such a small % of their sales. If you would like to access a top shelf NON GMO soybean genetics you have to go straight to the source, let me know if you would like any further information as i am contractually bound to keep all proprietary information for all of the seed companies i grow and sell for confidential, and I'm a man of my word so i never let proprietary information out, especially on a message board like this, but farmers need to know what info i can let out. if you would like to email and get the information on how and where to access these high quality NON GMO soybeans that have higher protein and more nutrient density per Bushel we will have exchange emails, a quick note; The hog feeders and plant based meat and soy oil markets (just to name a few) are lined up and we have huge demand for these higher in nutritional value NON GMO soybeans, perhaps you would like to grow some seed beans in 2020? To sum it up, the right NON GMO soybeans can a will out yield anything else on the market, though i have had very good luck with both Xtend and Enlist soybean yields. The NON GMO specialty beans are yielding equal to or better than the trait stacked soybeans, plus remember the potential for a hefty premium. but to maximize the premium will take some work, you have to clean down your combine and cannot contaminate any non GMO specialty beans with GMO beans, you cannot mix different varieties, you will also need a certified non GMO clean place to store them unless you are geographically close to my soybean conditioning facility. Again if you would like more info, just ask.

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what is your email? i would like to grow some of these, what kind of premium are you talking?

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Raised nongmo beans for a few years now. Yields may be a tad lower and not just because of weed pressure. Can have health issues but stay with the big companies and you should be fine. Pioneer seems to be the leader in this department imo. One thing to consider, talk to your landlords. Many won’t “get” or tolerant the fact you have weeds and others don’t. It’s not worth losing a farm over.

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Health issues? maybe it's all of that seed you've been buying from the big companies that don't give a crap about their non-GMO sales of soybeans??? Ever think about that. if you can't control weeds to the point that you're worried about losing a farm maybe you shouldn't be farming that field

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You know, being snarky is kinda stupid. Honestly you sound like a jerk. Why did you even bother to reply? I’m sure you’re the perfect farmer with perfect fields. Too bad I could’nt shake your hand.

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Have been growing mon gmo beans for four years now. Make sure you buy them from someone who wants to sell them. Some companies dont want anything to do with non gmo beans and if you get that feeling from them go elsewhere. ********** seed house has non gmo beans that keep up and or beat everything I put up against them. Some of the varieties are from Iowa State University these are exceptional soybeans and very hard to beat. 2299 2340 2155 are three exceptional numbers the first two numbers are maturity

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