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Anyone using a Grain Bin Moisture Control System?

We have been considering a system that will allow us to add moisture back to our soybeans while being stored in the grain bins. We have fans and heaters today to take moisture out, but are losing on the other end when the moisture is too low.

I just started researching this and found that Farm Shop MFG sells a system called "End Zone" that can introduce moisture back into the grain when it is too low.

1 - Does any have experience with this system or similar systems?

2 - Would you recommend such a system?

I am interested to hear your feedback - Thanks.

    Anyone using a Grain Bin Moisture Control System?


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how quickly is the system paid off by adding moisture back in? Do the numbers work?

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OPI-Integris system. Great to add or take moisture out. You can only add a point or two to beans any more and you put dimples in them. That is not good for seed production. Water can add bushels back in. Popcorn can only be harvested between 13.5 and 17. This lets us start a little earlier. We can add moisture back in because we do not get a dock or shrink if we are between these numbers. ...



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I too have AGI on my bin, only bin that has a system and I like it. The best part about it is it turns into being an out of sight-out of mind situation. You don't have to worry about running fans and you always know what the moisture is going to be before you take it to town within 1%


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I have installed the AGI Suretrack system on 3 of my bins. Has worked really well on running automatically to reduce and increase moisture. I put 11% seed production soybeans in one of the bins last fall, set it to 13% and right now it is at 12.5 to 13.5 moisture.

The best part is with the plenum monitor and the weather station it only runs when conditions are right for what you want it to d...



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