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Approaching soybean fungicide timing and wondering what foliar blends have shown best ROI


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For foliar, our local FS sells what they call nutrifuse Focus 3. It’s priced around 21/gal and recommended rate of 1qt. I’ve tested a few ye...


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Miravus Neo + insecticide. 83% success rate positive ROI past 3 years. Protect yield potential. It is certainly out there here !!!

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4oz priaxor

3oz lamda

2.3oz bifenthrin

Good surfactant.

Trying a micro this year called tacline I think the results I’ve been having with p...


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I've been using generic Propaz fungicide & Fanfare insecticide and adding some potassium acetate & various micro packages - Concept AgriTek ...


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Look at Royal-Grow products have had good luck with them

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