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What herbicides can you pair with Paraquat for grass control?

I'm curious if anyone had experimented with different companions to Paraquat for better grass control. Primarily referring to wheat stubble burndown (which I know most people don't plant wheat anymore), but other applications are also of interest. Thanks in advance

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One option would be Se-Cur EC Herbicide (same as Assure with quizalofop-p ethyl) at 7-8 fl oz/A + COC or MSO 1gallon/100. Use a spray volume of at least 20 GPA to get good coverage. Se-Cur EC is available through FBN Direct for $43.28/gallon ($2.37 - $2.71/A). Always read and follow label directions.

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In general it is not a great idea to mix any systemic herbicide with paraquat. Paraquat burns the plant so quickly that their is no uptake. However you can add atrazine and that will add a little control.

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Good point!

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Thank you for your feedback. I agree, was just hoping somebody had some luck with something i was unaware of!

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