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How do you find someone who wants to manage a farming operation.

Seems like finding people who want to farm is not all that hard, but finding someone who wants to be the "farmer" is challenging. By "farmer" i mean willing to manage an operation and alot of what goes into it. Manage the people and workload, equipment, scheduling. Not having to manage the finances or make marketing decisions, but be the boots on the front line to lead the charge (sorry for the military metaphors) They are insulated from dramatic swings by their hourly rate or salary and would have upside potential in good times. There would be the seasonality of the workload and the associated hours.

Just not sure how to find that motivated individual who truly "wants it" and is willing to go get it.

What have you all done to find those manager types of people

We are looking and have opportunities galore. Just scratching my head at the moment


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I wish I had seen this awhile back. That sounds perfect! I've almost had a similar position before but just didn't really have much say in the final decisions which lead me to get burnt out on it. I grew weary of doing all the work, organizing, and nearly all of the planning only to plant a crop in a low success rate scenario.

I've been involved with farming literally since I could walk. I love i...



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