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Hey Guys/Gals, looking for a foliar product similar to Sure-K on some Alfalfa.. Thanks in advance 🤙🏼


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How has your response been with sure * so far?

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Agroliquid asked the same thing.. I like to compare performance vs cost.

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Any reason you wouldn't keep on applying Sure *?

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Metalosate- K-24 & liquid Boron will move systematically to the Apex of the root , we also add Black Earth Humi zen Alpha plus Liquid (Fulv...



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Thank you ****! I’ve saved this recommendation and will do some homework on my end!! Godspeed and good day Sir 💪🏼

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Lokomotive! It is a potassium acetate product. We also mix in black label Zn.


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Try Agri-Energy Products….. outstanding products, people, & Service! Bottom line they work.


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You might look at Natures Formula's Bio Sure Grow. You can find them on Facebook.


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