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Add row command to just corn rows or to split rows also?

I plant roughly 1,000 acres of corn in 30” rows a year and 1,000 acres of beans in 15” rows a year, adding row command to my 1790. Trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money to add it to the split rows also. The row shut off will be used quite a bit as a lot of our fields have tree rows, rock piles, drainage ditches, and oddly shaped fields. Thanks!


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You can plant faster, by having the row shut offs. You also save on seed.

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Yes that would be awesome if I could get that pdf, would you be able to email it to me when you get a chance? *************************

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Added row command to a 1790 this spring 19. Found used row units to install that had mini hoppers still with them for $175/row also 3 used E...


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Will be interested to see responses. We plant with the exact same set up and have same questions

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