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450 acres of land with good hunting near Praireville, Texas. Rest of our farming operations are in CA. We get a yearly rent for the property but local guy helping us is likely charging his buddies cash for hunting and pocketing it. Land probably has oil so could be leased. Could put a house on it and sell it as a hunting retreat for some wealthy person from nearby big towns like Dallas? Don't really want to go to TEXAS and develop connections and manage it all from CA. What would people suggest I do with it?


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Family wants to sell it. Makes it easy for me since I manage land not sales..... THANK YOU for your responses.

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What type of land is it? What are your long term objectives for the property?

I live in the Dallas area and have farm and property in Fann...


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well here is a guy who can guide you or manage it for you. I work directly with him , and because of his agricultural background me and the...


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