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Has anyone outfitted a John Deere 4730 sprayer with a dry fertilizer system (air boom or spinner)?

4730 auxiliary (solution pump) hydraulics roughly 25 gpm. Limiting factor for an air boom option. I’d be ok with a spinner spreader box as it will only be used for PK. Nitrogen is liquid so pattern doesn’t need to be terribly precise on hills and wind. who makes one and has anyone done this already as there are 4930s out there but not 47/4830s


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I’ve wondered about doing the same thing to an old Tyler Patriot with a 5 ton box. I’m sure for that small of a box the frame would hold it but maybe not. Figured it wouldn’t be the biggest but it would free up a tractor from running a pull type spreader. Maybe a fools errand, I dunno. I imagine the cost would be about the same as a 100-140hp tractor and a pull type, but having it on the sprayer b...