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How do you stay Mentally healthy? What do you do when you get down? How do you control your emotions

How do you stay Mentally healthy? What do you do when you get down? How do you control your emotions
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Take mental health days off away from the farm. Been doing it for over a year now. It seems to help.

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absolutely correct, take a rain day and just veg sometimes, let your mind and body recoup and you'll be surprised at the clarity of thinking and rejuvenation, so that when it is go time again your ready and focused, best advise on this thread. and if it rains hard, take 2 days! we all work so hard to grow the best crops we can but sometimes we forget to spend a little time being the best person we can be, we owe that to our families and all the people in our support and supply network!

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I started doing puzzles and cross words on my iPad to occupy and use some time to recalibrate just started that lately and seems to also help

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Remeber it all belongs to God. I'm just here to manage it the best I can. God will always provide what we need. It's up to us to control our wants.

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Agreed! Still need to remind myself on occasion though. When things get real busy, it's easy to think I am in control and have to do it all myself.

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Time off. I rarely work a Sunday, granted I don’t have livestock but I take Sundays off For church, to recharge and to have some dedicated family time. Once farming takes off in April, it’s hard to make all the kids events. Sunday gives us all a day to spend together without having it be work related. It doesn’t have to be Sunday, pick a day and try to engage as little as possible in farm stuff. I’ll admit it’s easier for some than others. I keep this true in harvest & planting. I’m no good to those that need me if I’m burnt out. The crops & work will be there on Monday & if not then it wasn’t supposed to be anyways.

Exercise, even if it’s a 5-10 min walk down your road. Put your phone on silent and leave it in your pocket. Just enjoy the view. Again, seems simple but it’s basically a timeout to refresh and refocus.

I’m sure there are other ways to keep from burnout but these two have helped me the most.

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This is also true. I do not work on Sunday's either. I used to with sugarbeet harvest. Don't grow them any more.

I have never seemed to be ahead of the game or gotten done any quicker by working on Sunday. That one day off to relax, unwind and spend time with the wife and kids is worth way more than any farm work I could have tried to get done.

As I get older I find myself remembering the times, or missed times, with my family more than work I didn't get done fast enough. My kids are in high school and involved in a bunch of different things. Many times I have shut the tractor and combine off to go attend an event they are in. (I have never not got everything done). A couple of times I didn't, and those are things I remember and regret. It may not always be for me, but for my kids. I believe they will remember me being there, or not being there, just as much as I will.

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