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2000 John Deere 9750 sts combine good or bad?? And will it run a 12 row folding corn head??

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I have had a 2001 JD9750 for about 10 years now and it has been a good dependable machine with few major issues. The engine has given zero problems and seperator wise only has been normal wear. It has 4100 engine hours and around 3200 separator hrs. One of my favorite machines I have owned. But it has mainly been a grain combine as not a corn farmer so can't say anything about a 12 row head and of course corn machines run much wetter product through it so not going to get the hours on it due to a much more rusting effect.

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I think 12 row would be pushing the drive gearbox a bit, have to make sure it is the heavy version, and has a cooler. Would just need to drive slower.

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