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Raising field peas or chickpeas in Nebraska?

I’m looking for some advise from my northern friends. After talking at farmer2farmer I’m considering trying to raise some field peas or chick peas in central Nebraska as a short season crop. Might be able to get a little more cover crop growth late season that way. Tell me honestly if it is a dumb idea or might work! What are expected yields and prices? Any info is appreciated!

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I've never grown peas but last winter there was a pea company puris move into the area. ...

They claimed growing peas were similar to soybeans. But you had to buy the seed from them and they take 100% of production at the price they set when you buy the seed.

Hope this helps you some

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Thanks for the info! Contracted like that would be ok. Would t have to worry about what to do with the extra.

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Puris seed is costly but they do full production contracts. You have to store peas on buyers call up to year. They are very strict on soy residue as well. Yields are similar to wheat. Good way to add rotational crop. There are pea processing plants in Texas and Kansas that brokerage firms sell to. Talk to your FBN rep about these markets.

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