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Has any one planted invigor 234 P this year and noticed that the pod integrity is compromised

We have a 1000 acres of invigor 234P and in 400 acres of it there is serious issues with the pod shatter reduction integrity. its a fairly heavy crop.We have planted pod shatter invigor verities since they were introduced and have never seen anything like this. its standing and is still maybe a week away from harvest and entire pods are shelling and falling to the ground. we are anticipating there will 30 to 50 % loss by the time its ready to harvest in a week. I have never seen a non pod shatter verity shatter like that even if you left it standing.


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I would kindly appreciate if anyone else has experienced this that you post it. BASF is blaming this on frost when no station in a 30 mole proximity has shown any frost event.

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Yes we noticed the same thing with similar losses

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