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Seed Tenders

Looking to buy a seed tender/ seed shuttle. What is everyone's experience, what works, what doesn't work, what options would you never buy without, and what brand is the best? Any pros and cons on each brand.


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I run a 2 box Clark’s. Very pleased with it. Thinking about buying a second to have one for each crop

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we sell and service ADS (At Dryer Service)

very happy with them, all stainless, galvanized,

Used an new

Two, three or four box unit

Or, a true bulk

Low profile, Honda motor, hydraulic fold, brakes, in stock

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I have a Kory 2 box seed tender for sale if interested. Mint condition and remote control. $10,000

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Here in Illinois I’m fortunate my seed dealer provides me with a three box ! He has all Clark’s now after having other ones :

Very well built , easy to operate and customer support: Scales a must!


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I've got a patriot auger tender 220 model and a parker conveyer tender 360 seed chariot.

The auger is obviously a little worse for cracking some bean seed. Have to run it slower generally to minimize seed damage. The conveyer is good.. bought mine used and I'm getting ready to have to replace the belt because the paddles are all coming off. Looks like about 1500 cost.

Overall I'd buy an...



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Depends on how many acres you run


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We use a Killbros 102. Simple easy to use design with a reasonable price tag