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Issues with AFS 600 pro on a CASE IH spx 3330

Has anyone else had the issue described below with their AFS 600 pro in a sprayer? If so how do you fix it.

-We cannot change any of our records on the AFS without it changing sprayer settings. Wasn't that big of a deal as dad has been ok with it for a couple of years, we still and will always keep manual records but now that I am farming and we are both using FBN, there's lots of data that needs to be edited in FBN. All of our records have the same spray, category, farm, etc.

We had this investigated by the dealership and they couldn't figure it out either. Their solution was a complete reinstall and lose all of our data (AB LINES, field names, sprayer settings, operator settings). We are hoping there's an easier way

I tried this year and changed nothing but the category from "burnoff" to "in crop" (one variable at a time). In doing so, I lost overlap control (despite it being enabled), headland warning, and it dropped my spray rate down to 2 gal/acre despite 6.5 being called for.

Is there a solution to this? I've read the book front to back. I can't spend an hour inputting settings that should copy over every time I change my chemical or concentration

Thanks in advance

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