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Young Farmer looking for mentor

Young Begging Farmer from SW Michigan looking for someone willing to mentor. Starting from scratch, grandparents sold farm when I was younger. Not looking for handouts just a friend in the industry, that can help me build a successful business plan and future for myself and my family.

No need for those who don’t think I should get into farming. The day my grandfather sold the farm, I promised myself that I would do this one day. Now I just need a little help and advice. I believe there is lots of opportunity to get in the industry and grow in the next couple of years. Any advice/ideas is helpful!


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I’m in north central Indiana. We are a successful swine and grain farm. I’m wanting to retire and looking for a potential young ambitious farmer to come in as a potential partner. Give me a call. ************

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New Era MI 231 750 3945

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If your interested in an opportunity to learn and grow, I have a 4000 acre farm and looking for a young person interested in a future.


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how can I get in touch with you? And where abouts are you from?

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Sure am interested! Just bought my first tractor today! Learning and growing is what I’m looking to do!

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I’ll be glad to help you. I did it. The naysayers told me the same thing 15 years ago and I’m still here making it work.


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you can reach out to me ************ text me anytime.