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La Niña sucks. There’s no question, just a factual statement.

Pretty tired of all the wind. Drought is one thing, we are always on the edge of it anyways here but the constant wind just wears a guy down. It’s to the point that more than just the BTOs are saying “20-30mph wind is no big deal to spray in, just add more drift agent and roll, clock’s ticking.” Which in turn ticks guys off that aren’t spraying in those winds.


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The wind hauls nothing but ass around here the last couple of years it seems

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It is all relative. In general it sucks for north America. It is pretty good for Australian farmers, especially the east coast.

At some po...



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I appreciate the perspective. We complain when we hit a dry slot 2-4yrs here in the western high plains, you deal with it for a lot longer s...


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