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ISO Custom feeding cattle

after I got my 2023 year end done on my 500 head dairy i realized we need to look into something more profitable, especially with a new silage pad and commodity building that we just recently added, so as of right now we are putting numbers together in converting at least half or more of the dairy into a custom feeding operation, the other half will be beef cows and calves we would own, we would prefer feeding wagyu inside the barns, and just straight angus in outside dry lots, anyone have and contacts for me that we could partner up with in a continues custom feeding?


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you could start you beef operation with embryo

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Hey there, I'm so glad you asked this question! We've got a custom lineup called Profectus Feeds. Check out our page here (

to see some of the data backing up our approach and reach feel free to reach out to Devin Stricherz who is local to you and can help talk through the details


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