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Has anyone had experience with the Conklin Agrovantage program?


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Used the program last year and well pleased with the results. We were very dry, drought actually and results were better than what I even thought possible. It does lower cost, you will learn alot from them, definitely people that are worth working with. I wish I had met them sooner, it's not your typical program so expect some change. I believe they look out more for their customers than for thems...


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Like others have said, good products but expensive compared to similar products from other companies. I went to Pro-Ag last winter and it was educational and I met some good people but their sales tactics are annoying. I used some micros and fertilizer on some of my acres last year but the D4 drought made sure I didn't get a good test if it was worth it or not.

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Went to a field day a few years ago. Got rained out so went to their dinner at the Fair Grounds. Listened to Mr. ******** speak about the great products that Conklin produces. Enjoyable, but funny thing, he had salesmen posted at every exit and you had to talk to them before you could get out.

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Sustain seed and soil sells the exact same thing for a lot less money and your are being direct without others benefiting from your order. Talk to ******.

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I think it is good product but never went to there seminars but it's like a pyramid kinda company. I did not buy into

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