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How much to pay 18 yr. old hired hand?

Since schools shut down neighbor boy has been helping with farm work. His good help but little farm experience. For the most part I can point him in a direction and he can do it. He's done anything from disking to cleaning the shop. Good mechanic. What's he worth per hour?


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Hard to get anyone for under 20.00 experience 25.00

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You just can’t have good enough help today with the costs and responsibilities cost of living has really changed let them buy their own insurance so they believe it’s real and start to teach them what you want them to be.If you want great trained help it will cost you depending on different knowledge bases $18.00 or$40000 wage we will need to fight the giants but Agg people deserve More

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Response deleted by author

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15 is what we have to pay as well to get anyone worth there stuff to stay through the harder hours we’ve found we have to pay them at least that much


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Little late to the party here, but I am 21 myself. So not far from him. But if you treat him right, he should treat you right. My boss took me on when I was 12 and I’m still here today. Making him feel like he is part of the operation can really go a long ways!


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I’d recommend laying down some very strict rules for their cell phone! I made that mistake once and ended up with a kid that didn’t even make good shade!!


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Yes, cell phone rules need to be implemented. Good worker consumed by a cell phone, not worth hiring....had one, and he forever texting and distracted

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I think 15 is fair, but if you want him to stick around maybe through planting and into summer doing various things....tell him, I'll pay you 15 but if you stay till this date (say, end of summer), I will give you 17, or 16. Whatever you think he's worth, that was a motivator for me.


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If he's a good worker pay him fair and you may have him for many years and be able to build up that experience. Some things are worth the price and good help is one of those. $15 sounds about right to me, but that would vary by location I'd imagine.

What's he plan on doing post-HS? If he's going into a trade (like diesel mechanic) you could offer a pay raise for certificates or classes completed...


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Teaching someone how you want things done is priceless compared to breaking bad habits from prior jobs.


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Thanks, good to know

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We are paying $15.00 for that kind of help and $12.00 for help that you have to hold their hand.


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