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Ag Leader Intellislope connecting with RTK?

I have an Ag leader Intellislope Gradient monitor for my tile plow. i just upgraded to RTK on my 3 and 6000 receivers. I got my 6000 as my base and 3000 on the plow(also tried switching the 2). I can not get my Gradient monitor to get the RTK signal. It will get the SF2 signal but when I switch it to RTK it will not get it. It always says no gps /insufficient accuracy? baud rate is set correctly, and NEMA messages are set(and tried multiple variations of them). The globes are working properly had my John Deere guy out(he is not an agleader dealer) and we hooked a screen to each and they are communicating. Anyone have experience with this? Also Agleader is very poor at getting someone who knows anything on the phone. One guy that should know something is on vacation apparently. Also tried different dealers in the area and left voicemails and was told "I will have blah blah call you back" to never hear anything.

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Make sure you turn off TCM correction under the receiver setup tab when the receiver is connected to a John Deere screen before putting the receiver on your tile plow.

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Yes I have done that.

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Did you remember to set the plow globe to vehicle and the correct base numbers?

Our plow showed speed right away but no rtk signal and I did not have the correct boxes checked

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