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1968 truck hoist

We recently got a kit for a new Hydrostar PTO hydraulic pump on an old 68 Ford tandem with no real instructions, and none I can find online.

Pops figured he’s got it all hooked up the same way it came off, but we can’t get it to raise the hoist. Seems like the pump is getting oil, but nothing is happening.

From what I hear these can be a real pain if you’ve got air in the system, so I’m wondering if that’s the issue and if anyone has any experience on priming these pumps or bleeding air from the system of has any other tips/tricks to get this thing working.


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Double check that your cables are putting the pump control lever in the right position.then take both lines loose from the pump and see if it's even pumping oil. There usually is a filter in the hydraulic box on those too those rarely are ever looked at.

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The pump could be turning the wrong way. There are clockwise and counterclockwise pumps. The few that I have done had no problem priming.