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What is everyone's experience with Integris Bin monitoring and Intelliair Bin monitoring systems.

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We have intellifarms. The automation is nice, but not an absolute need. I wouldnt put a bin up without moisture and temp monitoring. Price OPI Blue, intellifarms has gotten a little too big for their britches since we first purchased a system. For the last bin, it would have been considerably cheaper for us to go with OPI, and we were already set up for intellifarms... still went with intellifarms for simplicity.

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Thanks for your insight!

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Started with agsense when I put a new 30000 bushel bin. Automated the fans so I could monitor and turn them on and off from my phone. Nice setup when I don't live at the bin site. Smaller bins I have one cable in so I can monitor from my phone.

Switched that 30000 bu bin to intellifarms when i had 20% corn in it. The system monitors the air moisture under the floor along with grain temp and moisture and runs the fans automatically when it can dry and turns them off when the air is wetter than the corn. I didn't take a load out of that bin this summer over 16% the bottom was 13%. We haul to an ethenal plant with no drying fee under 18% so it helped us a lot. Still monitor from my phone or computer and can run the fans manually if I want. Or I can leave it all automated. The office is very good to call me if they see something may not be working right as well.

Both are good systems, both have annual fees. Intellifarms is more expensive, just depends on what you want or need.

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I have Opi sense 2012 works great to automatically dry or add moisture back to the grain. There is also Bin Sense . I have 50000 and 10000 hoppers

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We bought Intellifarms for a 10k bushel bin several years ago and the fan automation has never worked and we had two different electricians come out and work on it and Intellifarms finally sent out a technician a year and a half after we bought it and the guy messed around on it and after he left, nothing on the bin worked including the fan and the spreader. So we had to get another electrician to fix that. We asked for our money back and they said we would have to take them to court. I guess the moral of the story is as long as you don't have problems with Intellifarms you're ok but if you have problems like we did you're pretty much screwed.

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Thats interesting.

I have had the system for about a year now. When something isn't working right the office usually calls me before I know there is a problem. Nobody lives at our bin site. I check things over and if there is a problem I can't fix they send someone out as soon as they can to fix it. The couple of problems I have had were fixed with one visit from the company. I am around 3 hours from the closest office.

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I have had intellifarms system on two of our 20,000 bu. Bins for 3 years now. The system is alright, but you still have to monitor the bins weekly. The moisture can vary from what the sensors show by +/- 2%. The algorithms for the fan turn on and off for the user pre-determined moisture and temperature setpoints are questionable at times. It was expensive system to put in and the $1500 annual fee seems high. My next bin will have a different monitoring and fan control system.

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Full disclosure- we sell and service OPI Integris for the last two years. Have used Integris Pro for 8 years, started selling OPI Blue, switched my pro to Blue two years ago. Less expense, on a million and a half bu if corn and beans we installed for myself and first year clients in 2018- all bushels came out within one point of target moisture with no damage discount. We doubled sales this year. We educate our clients on use but do not monitor for hire but will offer that service going forward, twice weekly with updates to client. Half of our clients have done some installation themselves with our OPI Champion training and finishing up commissioning. All clients more than paid for their systems in year one. One with close to an 800% ROI. (Rehydrating beans)

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We have integris on our 165k bin. We have 8 30k bins with nothing on them. When the fans turn on on the big bin, we turn the fans on the little bins. It’s worked out fairly well.

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