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Buying leftover seed stock from seed dealer for 2022? (Corn) Likely seed cost increase.

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I’ve wondered the same thing

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Corn does have good germ if stored correctly.

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How do you store it correctly??

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Seed corn stores at 50 degrees and 50% humidity for years in storage. The first thing to go is cold germ ability.

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You will take a hit more than likely on Cold Germ and Sat Cold Germ. A lot of the seed this year is what the seed companies have been holding over and blending off from the PP years. Seed companies should be required to list when the seed was harvested.

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We had a seed company and we had several companies that had lots as old as 5 plus years old. Stored in cold storage it won’t loss much germ

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Corn seed returned from farmers is reprocessed to assure it meets quality and germination standards. It’s cold stored and typically remains viable for 5 years. As long as. FBN data shows that the genetics fit your farms conditions to maximize profit (not just about yield) it’s a good decision.

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technically we're not supposed to plant seed liscensed for crop year in 2021 and keep leftover to plant in 2022, due to genetic licensing and the 'no seed save policy' from all genetically licensed varieties. Seed corn will keep very well at cold storage 50° and between 45% and 55% humidity for about 3 years, many varieties with good vigor will notice no difference. 5 years old u will see the true saturated cold germ drop significantly. sales season for 2022 is about to start, just get a jump on it and call your seed dealers and put your order in early. This will avoid any legal pitfalls and your dealers will be more than happy to "lock in" the sale, we all know we can return corn seed because, if cold stored properly it will maintain its vigor and quality. Its a good thought But save yourself the hassle, let the seed companies keep the seed tested and in cold storage for you and just take delivery for 2022 as u usually do. If they are drastically increasing prices for 2022 it's already happened. As a 5th generation independent seed corn and seed soybeans (all things seed) producer and retailer, I have a unique perspective and knowledge how the seed system works. What about locking in fertility prices and other inputs if you really want to save $$ and avoid the legal snags u will run into trying to plant seed licensed for 2021 in 2022, yea we all get away with a few bags every year if we want to, but for a farm to try to buy 2021 licensed seed for 2022 planting, is in many ways illegal and no major seed dealer should even entertain the transaction. Just a heads up guys. Also, who thinks this is the top of market due to covid shortages and who thinks these fertility prices are going to continue to increased? of course were going to see a seed coat increase, remember it has to be grown, it cost more to intice farmers to grow seed when the CBOT on corn is over $5. Cost of land alone adds $$$ per unit of cost, whoch gets passed on to the purchsser and in reality you want 1 or 2 year old seed, I've seen it enough, I keep my inventory pretty tight because I don't like selling bags of corn with my name on it to farmers that I know is more than 2 years old.


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