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How should I get this out of the field?? Oh, and it’s on a hill.

How should I get this out of the field?? Oh, and it’s on a hill.
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Piece by piece. Call up the manufactor and get there help.

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Drain off the remaining product. Then start cutting it up. I would expect GVM to care about getting one of their catastrophic failed machines out of the field in short order.

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The things we deal with in order to try and make a living. Call insurance I had a similar situation with a combine.

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Been there, done that...100% no lie. Fold the booms forward until it flips back into place and ease it back to the barn. Weld it up and fish-plate all the big frame pieces. Don’t forget to paint the welds!

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I had it welded and plated last year but the plates broke. There was a lot of collateral damage. Took the booms off, separated the two halves and used a large excavator to load it onto a trailer. Still waiting on insurance to decide if they are paying for the whole machine or just the damage caused by the broken frame.

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Make the insurance total it.

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Use skid steer to hold it up have some one drive both

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Holy shit ******

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Looks like farming is easy. Anyone can do it!!! Lol

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