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What does everyone use for tillage equipment?

We run our cattle out on roughly 175 acres of bean stubble and cornstalks from November till February. In the spring our field are rough and looking for the best "all around" tillage equipment


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Case IH 335 turbo till works good if the field is fairly level and weeds are less than 2". Case IH 370 disc works great for large weeds, burying trash, and leveling out the field. Both leave a smooth finish but the seed bed is much better with the turbo till. The case IH disc does a good job of not ridging up the field like a landoll/Krause/sunflower.

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Kelly diamond plow

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We have 60-120 acres we run calves on in the winter/spring. We don't want to till it because of the slope, want to conserve the moisture, and it's clay so it would be chunky. So even though it has hoof prints and it's hard, we plant it after a rain when it's almost too wet, have aggressive furrow openers and hydraulic down-force on the planter, and plant a bit deeper than normal. Had 220bu NI cor...


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I like high speed discs when our soil is dry but that's rare so they don't work nicely in our sticky soils. Typically we run a deep ripper on corn residue and a chisel plow or field cultivator on soybean stubble

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Pro till works great

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Gates Coulter Disk for deeper ruts, for lighter work and seedbed prep Gates coulter harrow

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pro till

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We prefer to use a Great Planes Turbo Max, it leaves a great seed bed.


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We use Turbo till on soybean ground primarily and on some corn stalk ground as well. Does well on residue management without smearing

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I second that they may be expensive but they do a great job

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