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Can I hook a Ag Leader moisture sensor up to a John Deere system?

Working on a John Deere 9670 moisture sensor. 

The moisture sensor doesn't keep true reading. 

Want to know if anyone got a Ag Leader moisture sensor

to work in its place.


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We have ran one on our 9760 for 4 years !! We got tired of fixing the Deere sensor in the tank !! However we run a Precision Planting yield ...



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Did you get it from your John Deere dealer?


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We bought a new s770 and it comes with all ag leader already installed so we took this off our 9770 should work

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I have one for sale along with all wiring and head sight for auto steering in corn

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How much did you have into changing over to ag leader components?

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No, got it from the Ag Leader guy

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They make a retrofit system that replaces all the deere components.... Ive ran one in my 9870 since I bought it in 2014, its works so well t...


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