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How to Convert air cart to variable rate

I have a ground driven air cart I am looking to put hydraulics on and run variable rate. What is a good setup to switch it over?

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Do you have any precision equipment right now? Easy way to convert to hydraulic drive is to buy some take off drives from a Deere or white planter.

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I've got a 20/20 from precision and a couple Outback systems that can do rate control with an isobus, raven or teejet controller

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I’d you can use raven that probably be an inexpensive option get their modules and hardware for dry rate control

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I bought a drive motor and Trimble rate control module off a planter and run it with an FMX and field IQ, it works well. Removed the idler sprocket on my flexi-coil 2320 and mounted the drive motor in its place. Only disadvantage to that is both bins are controlled this way.

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What make of air cart

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It is a Tyler fluid air,

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Im not familiar with your cart model, but we have converted a JD cart with two pwm drives, harnessing and a JD rate controller. Fairly simple drive system and the controller is very intuitive to set up and operate. Our PWM motor and attached valve body were purchased new through Ag Express. We did a similar conversion with one motor on a pull type spreader last winter too. Both units have worked well and we believe that they have paid for themselves many times over.

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We have done this as well. Kinda expensive up front to do it right but very much improved once done.

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A guy that works for c&b built a very nice setup that works on the old 787 carts and Flexicoil carts. I noticed at one of there stores they are offering it for sale also now. It's a direct bolt in replacement for the transmission.

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