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New app update?

Is anyone else struggling to find products on the new updated app? Being able to search a chemical group is ok but I liked being able to see the full product range and not have to search every group and still Not find what I want. Bring back the old list!!!


Dave Scott
Product Manager
FBN Employee


Thanks everyone for your candid feedback on the FBN store. This is Dave Scott - I head up our digital product team. We’ve been making a lo...


Verified FBN Member (MI)

My frustration is getting a response of "not available". Seemingly, 100% of the time. :(


Verified FBN Member (MN)

not a difference from before

Verified FBN Member (MB, CAN)

It was better before.

Verified FBN Member (CO)

I guess I’m not seeing the fuss. I type in a product and it shows up just like always.

Verified FBN Member (OR)

Agreed, it is much more difficult in the new app

Verified FBN Member (SK, CAN)

I can’t find anything at all

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