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Dry fertilizer broadcast vs streaming liquid?

Anybody notice difference between spreading dry or spraying liquid

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That is a broad question. Can you please be more specific on farming practices, crops, fertilizer types, and dry land or irrigation? Are you applying yourself or having custom applied?

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Dry land for corn and wheat. Apply liquid myself. Just wondering if there is better uptake and yeild gain with one or the other

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Have done both dry and liquid nitrogen in the past. As long as you can catch some moisture timely then you won’t see much difference in my opinion. If incorporating pre plant then I most definitely haven’t seen a difference. Personally liked the dry for pre plant corn as we where applying into waist high wheat stripper straw from previous year. Felt that all that straw was tying up the liquid even with streamers on. Where as the dry was evenly spread under the heavy residue mat. That was applied via new leader dry spinner box.

For the post on wheat I still leaned towards the dry if moisture is coming soon. I have seen to many problems streaming wheat. Problem was salt streaks where the stream hit. Could see all the way through harvest. Depending on how many pounds of nitrogen you are wanting to put on and what stage the wheat is in I like flat fanning on despite what every says. But that is my personal experience.

Price would be a factor as well. Sometimes you can have dry applied for same cost as liquid applied yourself.

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Okay thanks for the info

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Historically urea is cheaper but lately per credit is even money. I like 28 for corn early season because of the quick availability. 28 is way more versatile, can be put on with pre emerge, and can be on farm stored easily. when price is even 28 once a week and twice on Sunday.

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