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Warehouse Locations

So where all do they have warehouse locations? Their list says there aren’t any in Nebraska but the map says otherwise. The guy that set me up today said there was a couple new locations in Nebraska but didn’t know where all of them were exactly.


Daniel Zook
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Thanks for the question.

Here are the current 44 locations that will be setup for pickup next season.

McCrory, AR

Flagler, CO

Springfield, CO

Bloomfield, IA

Pella, IA

Gifford, IL

Greenville, IL

Grove, IL

Ellinwood, KS

Fontana, KS

Junction City, KS

Quinter, KS

Selden, KS

Jonesville, MI

Maldon, MO

Sikeston, MO

Vandalia, MO

Barney, ND

Hebron, ND

Napoleon, ND

Rugby, ND

Souris, ND

Wimbledon, ND




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The last I knew there was one in Kearney but not sure of others.