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Farmland Capital??

Anyone taken the plunge and did the Farmland Capital partnership? I haven’t and I admit the idea is intriguing but seems like there’s a catch to it I’m not seeing yet. Maybe I’m wrong.


Pepo Peschiera
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Hi Sean, I'm Pepo Peschiera, I lead Farmland Capital within FBN. We have closed on Farmland Capital co-investments in over 10 states.

With this program we connect farmers that can benefit from an equity partner with investors that want exposure to farmland.

Investors come in with a minority investment (49% or less of the farm equity) and participate in part of the farm's appreciation. Farme...



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what do you know about it. I have not heard about it.


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It’s an FBN offering. You can find it under their Finance tab. I haven’t talked to anyone at FBN about it yet. I was more curious if anyone else has decided to go ahead with it.

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