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What is the best electric roll tarp for a grain trailer?


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Have shurco and thunder.Thunder way better no troubles

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I prefer the thunderstone over the shurco. Thunderstone runs slower but tension is set by amp draw so not supposed to have to adjust it, supposedly. Main thing I like is i can shut the remote after getting the tarp moving. Shurco you have to keep the remote open or it stops. When pulling into probe I open it on the road and lot of times forget to shut it or am holding it in my hand while I...


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We have a couple from ThunderStone Mfg. Ours are the 6000 series but I see now they have a 7000 series. Not sure of the differences but we have always been happy with ours. Especially after the upgraded the motors. They run slower now, but last much longer.


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******* seems to be on 99% of the trailers I see


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