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How much secondary education do you have?

I attended UNL for 2 years. Offered the opportunity to farm so I jumped on it and did not look back. I'm still learning every day and education is never wasted.

How much secondary education do you have?
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I have 2 year degree in architectural drafting. Worked in it for 3 years. Got sick of the office job, and the city life. Father-in-law offered me a job on his farm with the possibility of taking it over some day. That was 1997. No previous farm experience. He let me rent a quarter to try things on my own. Learned as each year went by, continuously trying different things. Still learning and trying new things.

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Graduated from Iowa State University. Then worked at Ag Leader as a specialist for 6 years before I returned full time to the farm

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4 year BS from UNL. It was a good learning experience but I invest in learning every day by surrounding myself with those better than me. I find that being around others outside of Ag challenge me to me be a better farmer than being around coffee shoppers.

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Was mid way through my second year of schooling when I decided it wasn't for me. Due to my father's health issues I decided the sooner I moved back and helped/learned from him the better off I would be. Luckily I got to work side by side with him for 5 good years before health slowed him way down. I figure it was the best education I could's now been 13 years and dad has been gone 5, but everything I am and know today is because of him. Nothing like learning from someone who knows who has made the mistakes and teaches how to avoid some. We learn on the job. Each day/crop/year bring their own challenges.

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